Dear prospective tenants,

here we will answer the most frequently asked questions about our apartments in vierhochvier:

When will the property be completed?

The property is expected to be completed in February 2020. The earliest possibility to lease is therefore 01.03.2020.

Is there a minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is 12 months. Thereafter, the lease can be terminated with a notice period of 3 months.

Does the rental price increase with the duration of the lease agreement?

Yes, the lease includes a graduated rent. After 3 years of leasing, the rent will be adjusted to suit the current consumer price index (index-linked rent).

How much is the deposit and are there one-off costs?

As is usual with other leases, the deposit is three net base rents (the net base rent plus utility costs is shown in the lease). There are no processing or agency/commission fees.

What are the available options for paying the rental deposit?

  1. Transfer the deposit to an account of the landlord’s that is safe from seizure, pursuant to § 551 paragraph 2 BGB (German Civil Code).
  1. Open a separate security deposit account with the security deposit and a pledge to the landlord.
  1. Provide an unlimited bank guarantee from a nationally approved credit institution.

Are there parking spaces and bicycle stands on the property?

There are a total of 42 outdoor parking spaces for cars. These can be rented for € 90/month.

There are bicycle stands in front of each of the four building entrances. Moreover, there is a bicycle storage room in Building B that can be used free of charge.

Who is the telephone, Internet, and TV service provider?

The service provider is not yet known.

Are animals allowed?

Generally, yes. This requires the appropriate authorisation from the owner.

Where can washing machines/dryers be placed/stored?

There are storage facilities in the bathroom or, if available, in the storage/utility room of the apartment.

Is the tenant responsible for the house and pathway cleaning, as well as for the winter road maintenance?

No. The owner commissions an external service provider for this. The tenant bears the costs as part of the operating cost levies.

Who are my contact persons?

The team from Müller Merkle Immobilien has been hired to take care of the leasing. The property management is responsible from the time the lease is signed and for the transfer of the residential units. The contact details will be relayed upon conclusion of the lease. The property management is your first point of contact during the entirety of the rental period.

We hope that we were able to answer your key questions. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Kindest regards,

The vierhochvier rental team